BOOM! Studios is an American comic book company headquartered in Los Angeles, California, United States.[1] The "BOOM!" in BOOM! Studios is always capitalized by the company.


BOOM! was founded June 22, 2005 with Zombie Tales #1.

BOOM! Studios was founded in 2005 by Ross Richie. The studio specializes in high-profile projects across a wide variety of different genres from some of the industry's best known writers, including Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, The Henson Company's Farscape, and the original Mark Waid series Irredeemable. BOOM! recently launched its youth imprint, BOOM Kids!, with Pixar's The Incredibles, Cars, and Toy Story, as well as Disney's The Muppets, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge and Walt Disney's Comics and Stories. The year 2010 sees BOOM! Studios celebrates its fifth anniversary.[2]

Prior to BOOM!, Richie worked with Andrew Cosby at Malibu Comics from 1993 to 1995. The duo left the comic book business to pursue careers in feature films and were involved producing the feature film adaptation of Mage by legendary comic book creator Matt Wagner with Spyglass Entertainment,[3] and had various projects with Mike Medavoy (Phoenix Pictures),[4] Mark Canton (The Canton Company), Akiva Goldsman, and Casey Silver.[5] Working with Dark Horse Comics, the duo set up "Damn Nation" at MTV Films/Paramount Pictures,[6] a comic book Cosby created with the partnership attached to produce.[7]

Boom! Studios

BOOM! Studios booth at the 2009 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, on the campus of UCLA

Immediately prior to BOOM!, Richie worked with Dave Elliott and Garry Leach to re-launch Atomeka Press in 2004.[8] Andrew Cosby is the co-creator of the Sci-Fi Channel TV show Eureka.[9]

At the 2007 San Diego Comic Con, BOOM! announced plans to launch a new all ages imprint producing comics for children, originally announced with the name "ZOOM!", but when the imprint launched in 2009, the imprint debuted as "BOOM Kids!".[10] Also announced during the 2007 San Diego Comic Con was the appointment of Mark Waid as Editor-in-Chief.[11][12] After three years in the position, right before the 2010 San Diego Comic Con it was announced that Waid had been promoted to Chief Creative Officer, with former Managing Editor Matt Gagnon now taking the reins as Editor-in-Chief of BOOM! Studios.[13]

On January 3, 2008, BOOM! became the first comic book company to offer a digital download of a comic book on the day and date of its release, partnering with MySpace.[14] As a result, the first issue sold out [15] and went to second printing. Sales on issues four and five increased.

One year later, on January 6, 2009, BOOM! teamed with again to offer a free digital day-and-date release for HEXED along with the "5 for 500" program, sending five copies at no cost to the top 500 retailers in the Direct Market.[16]

BOOM! have also signed a deal with Disney/Pixar to produce comic books based on their properties,[17][18] titles which secured newsstand distribution.[19][20] The first included The Muppet Show by Roger Langridge[21][22] and The Incredibles: Family Matters by Mark Waid and artist Marcio Takara.[23][24]

On March 4, 2009 BOOM! Studios announced Mark Sable's latest series Unthinkable.[25] To promote the launch of the book, BOOM! created an Altered Reality Game (also known as an Alternate Reality Game or ARG) to be played during the time pre-orders are due.

The company has been very active by participating in various events, including the L.A. Times Festival of Books, Heroes Con, San Diego Comic Con, Toronto Fan Expo, D23 Disney Convention, and Baltimore Comic Con.[26] At the 2009 Festival of Books, writer Kim Krizan along with Chip Mosher, Michael Alan Nelson, Gary Philips and Mark Waid participated in "Big! Bold! BOOM!: BOOM! Studios Talks Comics," discussion, which was moderated by Los Angeles Times writer Geoff Boucher.

The publisher launched another imprint in early 2010 called Boom! Town, which would be working with people like Denis Kitchen and Shannon Wheeler and focusing on "literary comics."[27]


The company was named Wizard Magazine's Best New Publisher of 2005, four months after their first book was published.[28]

BOOM! was awarded "Best Publisher" in 2010 for 2009 by Diamond Comic Distributors in an award voted on by Direct Market retailers.[29]

In 2010, BOOM! was nominated for 7 Eisner Awards [30] and 5 Harvey Awards.[31] I "The Muppet Show Comic Book" won Roger Langridge a Harvey for "Best Original Graphic Publication for Younger Readers."[32] that year.

In 2011, Shannon Wheeler's I Thought You Would be Funnier was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Humor Publication[33]. The first book by BOOM! Studios' alt-lit imprint BOOM! Town, Wheeler's I Thought You Would Be Funnier took home the Eisner Award and was accepted by author Shannon Wheeler and BOOM! Studios Marketing Director Chip Mosher, who edited the volume.


Original titles and spin-offsEdit

Graphic Novels/One-Shots/TalesEdit

  • 10 (written by Keith Giffen) - Ten people are each given a gun and 10 bullets... and forced to hunt each other down
  • Black Plague (written by Joe Casey) - The mob goes to war with a supervillain empire, while another criminal wages war on both
  • Cthulhu Tales - One-shots containing short Lovecraftian horror stories. Three exist: "Cthulhu Tales",[62] "Cthulhu Tales: Tainted"[63] and "Cthulhu Tales: The Rising";[64] which have been collected in a single volume (ISBN 1-934506-15-X).
  • Fused Tales (written by Steve Niles) - A man becomes fused in a robotic suit
  • GI Spy (by Andrew Cosby) - World War II based spy comic
  • In The Blood (created by Steve Niles) - Werewolf horror
  • Ninja Tales - Ninja short stories
  • Pirate Tales - Pirate stories
  • Shmobots - (written by Adam Rifkin) - Helper robots created by the lowest bidder turn out as lazy slackers, 'shmo robots'. A story about 3 such Shmobots and their human roommate.
  • Zombie Tales - Short story anthology featuring zombies. Three Exist, plus the Two part Death Valley. The One-shot, The War at Home, was later serialised in three parts in the ongoing series.

Carry Over SeriesEdit


  • Jenny Finn - BOOM! reprinted the first two issues of this series (originally released by Oni Press) in Jenny Finn: Doom, then completed the rest of Mike Mignola's story in the 56 page Jenny Finn: Messiah.[65]
  • Trencher (by Keith Giffen) - Image comic series, published as a trade paperback

Licensed titlesEdit

Boom! also produce comics based on licensed properties which include:


In 2006, BOOM! Studios attained the license from Games Workshop to produce a line of comic books and graphic novels based on international hit tabletop miniatures games Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000.[73][74] These comics are particularly notable for featuring the work of fan favorite Warhammer novelist and comic writer Dan Abnett.

Series so far include:


Their imprint based on Disney/Pixar properties includes

KABOOM! also assumed the license to publish the traditional Disney comic book characters. They currently appear in the following titles:

Film adaptationsEdit


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